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A brief description on how MORNING WALKER oxygenates, cleans the human body and influences the spine is explained below. For BENEFITS obtained from MORNING WALKER, click here.

Oxygenating The Body Oxygen and Cells
Seventy-five trillions cells provide the body with energy to carry out brain, body and organ functions as well as movement. Cells starved for oxygen can create immune organ dysfunction, cardiac symptoms, sleep and respiratory disorders, blood chemistry disturbances, intestinal problems, anxiety, depression, headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, dizziness, and many other imbalances.

MORNING WALKER maximizes oxygenation of body cells which support deep healing. Normal vigorous exercise provides health benefits, but may also use vital oxygen and compress inter-vertebral disks due to which fatigue or physical stress may occur. MORNING WALKER supports health without energy loss, body stress with its effortless exercise.

Since exercise with MORNING WALKER is done by lying down on a zero pressure - zero support basis, hence, a sense of well being and pleasure is immediate and noticeable.

Cleansing Reactions
A few people may feel tired or sore in parts of their body after exercising with Morning Walker. This occurs as healthy circulation is being restored. If soreness occurs, reduce session time to 2-3 minutes and gradually return to 15 minutes session time when soreness stops. Dizziness may accompany in the initial sessions to receive full benefit. Seek medical advice if dizziness persists and discontinue use until a medical evaluation is obtained. Dizziness could suggest an inner ear, anemia problem or high blood pressure. Nausea can indicate low blood pressure or Meniere's disease.

Morning Walker reduces lymph stagnation and enhances removal of waste from the body. Such cleansing may cause temporary bad breath and thirst. Drink plenty of room temperature water after each session and between meals to hasten the cleansing process.

The Spine's influence on Health
The Central nervous system includes the brain and the spinal cord. Branching out from the central nervous system is a network of nerves. These nerves regulate internal body processes that require no conscious awareness (e.g., heart contraction, the rate of breathing, digestion etc.) This extended nerve network is called the autonomic nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is further divided into the sympathetic and parasympathetic. They provide vital balance to the body's nerve function. Any impairment in spinal alignment or spinal pressure on vertebral joints can impair the autonomic nervous system resulting in minor or major dysfunction or imbalance. MORNING WALKER uses the left-right sideway motion to gently relax muscles along the spine, thereby encourage spinal alignment and stimulates passive contraction of inter-vertebral muscles to strengthen the spine and back.

Utilization of Full Spinal Movement
Human spinal designed lateral twisting, snake-like movement of Morning Walker helps to relieve vertebrae joint pressure and promotes a sense of well being. Adults rarely utilize this design feature. Consequently, there is accumulated stress and tension in the body. Watch a baby stretch and twist in its crib. This is a natural human movement that relaxes and creates the energy.

When we observe animals or sea creatures we notice the serpentine movement in their walking, running or swimming motion. MORNING WALKER mimics the motion of a goldfish swimming which helps human to maintain optimal health.

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