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How does MORNING WALKER works and is it economical in use ?

You may be curious to know how does the swinging movement of MORNING WALKER produce such effective results.

While MORNING WALKER moves the entire body, most importantly, it is moving the largest muscle group in the body i.e. your legs. The swinging motion causes your blood to circulate efficiently in the whole body. In turn every cell absorbs oxygen and the toxins are removed. By using MORNING WALKER you do not get a 10 km run kind of workout which makes you sweaty and exhausted. Instead you lie down, relax while having a workout and your entire body is rejuvenated within these few minutes of workout.

MORNING WALKER is very simple to use. It consumes just 50 watts of power and comes with a fully automatic timer. You can set the usage time by rotating the timer knob and phew, it stops automatically. So every family member can use it for the desired period anywhere, any time.

No wonder over 1,00,000 families are reaping the benefits of Morning Walker and leading a healthy, painless life. So how about you ????

How To Use

  • Place MORNING WALKER on the floor or hard flat surface. Never place it on an unstable surface such as spring or soft mattress.
  • Insert the plug in the power socket.
  • Lie on your back in front of the equipment and place both your legs on to the grooved footrest of the equipment. Remember to adjust your legs in a manner that both the ankles are placed ahead of the grooved footrest.
  • The suggested time for 1st time user is between 4-6 minutes. Increase the duration gradually to suit your body requirement.
    NOTE 1 :- At anytime whenever you feel giddy or heaviness while exercising to a level where you feel comfortable during initial use. Thereafter again start increasing the duration gradually as your body responds.
  • Set the automatic timer to the desired time (maximum time=15 minutes). Close your eyes and relax the entire body to draw maximum benefits.
  • Choose the desired posture (Refer to postures). The regular pose is that shown in fig -1.
  • After the preset time, the automatic timer will switch off the machine automatically.
    NOTE 2 :- Do not try to switch off the equipment by manually rotating the timer. This will damage the timer unit. Always switch off the power socket to stop the equipment or lift both your legs from the footrest and place it by the side of the equipment. rest for a while before you get up.
  • Once the equipment stops after the preset time, remain calm with your eyes closed for a period not less than 1-2 minutes. During this period you may feel anaesthetized sensation in your body. This is the normal feeling of well being.
  • Allow this sensation to clam down after which turn sideways and gently sit in cross legged position for another a minute or so. For those who are unable to sit, may rest lying down for a longer period of time and then stand up.
  • Stand up and massage your joints and body.
When To Use
  • It may be used anytime and at anyplace to your suitable time.
  • Ideally it may be used early morning with empty stomach or 3-4 hours after the main meal or one hour before meal.
  • For relief from constipation, indigestion or stomach disorders, use it early morning, empty stomach by consuming a glassful of lukewarm water before and after use for optimum results.
  • For relief in insomnia, use it 2 hours after dinner.
  • For weight loss, use it for the maximum duration, 2 - 3 times a day in the respective posture (fig-3) for a period of at least 45-60 days.
Who Can Use
Morning Walker can be used by :-
  • Men and women of any age (upto 90 years age).
  • Children above 6 years of age.
  • Patients
  • Paralytic (bedridden) or physically challenged persons (in consultation with their physician).

Who Should Not Use

  • Pregnant Woman.
  • Patient using a pacemaker.
  • Patient undergone a recent surgery/ operation and not allowed movement or the wound has not closed and healed.
  • Patient suffering from slip disc and advised no movement/ bed rest.
  • Patient having plate inserted due to bone injury in a manner restricting movement of the upper body or leg, in particular.


  • Drink a large glass of warm water before and after each exercise session to help aid blood circulation and digestion.
  • Wear loose and comfortable clothing.
  • Never face draughts from a fan while exercising.
  • If you sweat during your exercise session, be sure to cover yourself to prevent chills and colds.
  • Exercise for the desired no. of times a day on a regular basis to achieve maximum benefits.

  • Never exercise using it for more than 15 minutes at one time.
  • Children should use only under adult supervision.
  • Do not use it immediately after eating.
  • Do not use it under the influence of alcohol.
  • Stop the equipment immediately if you feel dizzy or uncomfortable.
  • Do not twist or move your body while the equipment is in use.
  • Do not leave the equipment unattended when plugged in. Unplug the cord from the outlet when not in use.
  • Use it only for its intended use as described in this manual. Do not use any attachment not recommended by us.

  • Do not try to dissemble or repair it privately.
  • Do not drop it from a high place.
  • Do not apply force or pressure if it does not work.
  • Do not sit on it or prevent it from vacillating or else the motor may burn.
  • Keep away from high temperature and moisture.
  • Unplug from the power outlet during long intervals.
  • Avoid water entering into the equipment and the timer unit.

To improve blood circulation, strengthen cardiovascular function, relief fatigue and insomnia
Lie down with two palms facing up and by the side of the legs in a relaxed manner.
To relieve migraine, bony spur, headache, gout, arthritis, spinal deformity
Lie down with both hands placed under the head.
To reduce weight, balance nerve system, relieve mental strain
Lie down with both hands stretched upwards. For quick results to reduce weight, contract belly and buttocks while breathing normally.
To improve breathing capacity, lung function, relieve back pain
Lie down with both arms surrounding the head.
To relieve from indigestion, constipation, frequency of micturition, strengthen excretory system
Lie down with both hands placed on abdomen.
To increase oxygen supply, promote body growth (especially for children)
Lie down with both hands spread sideways and palm facing down.
This product and information contained hereinabove is not intended as a substitute for medical treatment. All exercises carry with it some element of risk. To reduce the risk, you may consult your physician or doctor before using it.
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