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“I was over weight & always feeling tired. After using Morning Walker I feel fit & fresh. My weight is reduced by 12 kg. It is good for health if regularly used.”

Mr. Ravi Gupta. Kolkata
It is good for body, when you don’t have time for any exercise.

Mr. Dinesh Jethva, Mumbai.
“I find improvement in Digestion, Diabetes, Breathing System, Arthritis Pain and Control in B.P.”

Mr. Narayan Garabadhu, Bhubaneshwar
“I like Morning walker because it is very useful to us. Full day we feel better and strong and we do more work very strongly and comfortably. We tell about Morning Walker to many friends and they all like it.”
Mrs. Satbeer Kaur. C. Sikka. Vadodara
“Sri Moolchand Purohit wife suffering from Diabetes for last 15yrs. After treating her through Morning Walker for 20 days her Diabetes was found quite normal. ”
“Sri Mahendra Kumar Sharma was bulky and having weight of 120 Kg. After using Morning Walker, his Weight is reduced by 15/20 Kg.”

Mr. H.C.Mehta, Ghoron Ka ChowkJodhpur
“It is very nice and helpful machinery for Diabetes and Arthritis patient, it is very helpful. I feel fit and relaxed to use it.”

Dr. Dilip Kumar Bondyopadhyay, Kolkata.
“I am partially paralised patient. I was not able to walk and do normal work. Now with the help of Morning Walker, I am doing exercise in the morning and evening. I feel circulation has been improved a great deal and also my joint pain reduced now with the help of Morning Walker. I feel much better than before.”

Dr. (Capt) K.S. Shetty, Mangalor
“After use this machine, I feel much better then before, and I feel fit myself."

D .K. Roy, Kolkata. W.B.
“My Blood Pressure is under control. I am feeling totally fresh.”

Capt. J.S.Grewal, Chandigarh
“It is not possible to comment on the above aspects within such a short time (one month) since purchase. Results can only be committed upon after six(6) months. I would request you kindly to send this form after six(6) months for a feedback report.”
Mr. N.L. Mukherjee, Kolkata
“Regular use of Morning Walker keeps me fit, energetic and active through out the day. It also keeps up the gross metabolic power of my body.”

Mr. Atul Krishna Biswas, Kolkata.
‘‘My Osteo-Arthritis is improved. I am able to walk without stick.’’

V.P. Kunte, Mumbai
Morning Walker is best equipment for health.

Mr. Parasbhai M Shah, Surat
“This Morning Walker machine should be considered an “ESSENTIAL COMMODITY” in every one’s life for keeping one’s health fit for all the time.”

Mr. Satinath Ghosh, Kolkata.
“There can be no substitute to a walk in nature in the morning. But if any thing comes close to the experience, it is Morning Walker. Even a heart patient like me can vouch for it.”

Mr. Chitta Ranjan Biswas, Kolkata.
‘‘Very useful for family. After using feeling fresh and no further exercise required’’

Hemender M. Shah, Rajkot
“Its good we feel relaxed, got habit to do it, it makes us body - in shape and digestive system really improved. Its too good.”

Mr. Pravin Sheth, Mumbai,
Improved Breathing and feel active and stress free.

Pramod Chawryedi, Lucknow
“I find Morning Walker extremely useful for good health and various diseases. This machine has yielded good results for many patients under my care.”

Dr. Jayashree D, Kanunga, Ahmedabad
I got relief from Joint Pains, Cervical too, Breathing Problem. I think this machine is necessary for every body.

Sukhdev Singh, N. Delhi
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